Manchester United Announce the arrival of Alexis Sánchez with a Piano

Manchester United

Sporting fans will probably have seen the new video released by Manchester United last month to announce the arrival of newest player, Chilean Alexis Sánchez. The video cuts between showing Sánchez on the piano paying ‘Glory Glory Man United’ and him preparing for the pitch. There is no doubt that this announcement video from Manchester United is somewhat different and inspired.

Manchester United Fans Take to their Pianos

Whether the piano was actually being played by Sánchez or not is another question (we suspect it wasn’t him due to the way the camera angles were cut), but there is no doubt that this video will have inspired Manchester United fans to go over to their pianos and play a few more chants and songs associated with the club.

Manchester United

Play Manchester United chants at home on your Digital Piano

If this latest video from Manchester United has inspired you to learn a few football chants yourself to play on the piano then you are going to need a good instrument to practise and play on.

Take Home a P-47 Today

A P-47 digital piano from Chase Direct is an excellent instrument to start off on and it comes with a modest price tag of just £279.99. This is everything you need to start working out some of your favourite Manchester United songs and chants. Eventually who knows, maybe you will be able to give Sánchez (or his piano playing stunt double) a run for his money on the piano?!


There are many other options to explore if you would like to spend a little more on your instrument. Take a look at the Chase Direct website to see a full range of digital pianos available and if you still need help then please don’t hesitate to call the piano team.


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