How Clean is Your Piano?

Kawai KDP110 Dust Cover

Is Your Piano Clean?

Have you ever wondered what the best way is to clean your piano? Hopefully, the answer is yes. If you play your piano regularly then it’s likely to be covered in germs and need a regular clean. If you are guilty of not playing your piano an awful not then it’s probably got a layer of dust on it. Either way, all pianos need a bit of TLC every now and again whether they are a frequently used instrument or an elaborate ornament that simply adds an air of sophistication to your front room.

The Wonders of a Dust Cover

Thankfully, modern day pianos often come with a built in dust cover – whether it’s a lid that you close over the keys, or one that you can pull out of the body of the piano to slide neatly over everything. Both digital pianos and acoustic pianos usually have dust covers or lids to keep the instrument clean, and if you actually remember to use it at the end of each playing session then you will find your piano staying much cleaner for longer. Many newly released models of digital pianos have lovely sliding dust covers which will protect your keys. The brand new Kawai digital piano, the KDP-110 has a particularly smart dust cover which is nestled in the body of the piano, just above the keys. It is almost undetectable when playing but can be pulled out for protection in an instant.

Kawai KDP110 Dust Cover
The Dust Cover on the new Kawai Digital Piano, the KDP-110 sits neatly in the body of the piano

Keeping your Piano Clean

Even with a dust cover, you will need to clean your piano occasionally to wipe away the germs that have been passed from your finger tips to the piano keys. If you have an acoustic piano then this is going to be a noisy process and there is simply no way around it. You will need to take a clean cloth and wipe down the keys – from the back of the keys to the front is usually the most effective way of removing the dust.

If you want to make this process a little more fun, then you might be interested to know that the Finnish composer Esa-Pekka Salonen has written a piano etude especially designed to be played with a duster, with the end goal of having a clean piano. Classic FM have written an article about it which you can read here, if you fancy a challenge.

If you are lucky enough to have a digital piano then you’re cleaning process is far less likely to give you a headache. You can turn the volume on your electric piano right down to zero, or just turn the whole thing off altogether. The keys on a  digital piano are much easier to clean than many older acoustic pianos, too. If you give a Chase P-47 or a KDP110 a quick wipe down with a clean cloth then it can be clean and shiny in a matter of seconds due to the nature of the key tops. They are much easier to look after than traditional ebony and ivory keys, and they won’t discolour either!


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