Hooray for the Harpsichord!


Baroque Music

The baroque period in classical music is unquestionably my favourite. I have a deep-rooted love for all things Bach, Vivaldi, and Telemann. As a teenager I was so besotted with these composers and their peers that I decided to focus all of my musical energy into my studies of the recorder. Believe it or not, the recorder isn’t always a horrid black and white plastic thing that is capable of destroying the ear drums of unsuspecting parents. If you don’t believe me then listen to this.

A stamp showcasing a harpsichord in all its glory

The alto recorder was a definite favourite amongst most Baroque composers, and there are more Baroque recorder concertos and sonatas than I could possibly shake a proverbial stick (or recorder) at! Nearly all of these would be accompanied by a basso continio, or a chamber orchestra, but if you couldn’t get your hands on a chamber orchestra then a harpsichordist would do. Today, not many people have a harpsichord in their houses – even Baroque lovers like me.  As much as I would love one, they are hard to come by and ludicrously expensive. On top of that, like acoustic pianos, they need a lot of annual maintenance to ensure they are always performing to the best of their ability. They are the envy of all hobbyist Baroque musicians like me, but that is where digital pianos come in.

Why Baroque Fans go Wild for Digital Pianos

Rather than searching far and wide for one of these wonderful instruments, perhaps narrowing your search for a life partner down to only those who own a harpsichord, (a drastic move, but once a necessity), and then robbing a bank, all you need to do is buy a digital piano. Something that was once just a dream for many of us, has turned into a very real possibility. Most digital pianos that are sold today come equipped with a variety of different sounds or ‘voices’, and happily for us Baroque fans, at least one of those voices is usually a harpsichord one!


Us Baroque musicians can now grab any old pianist and simply switch on the harpsichord voice on our digital piano. Finding a Baroque accompanist has never been easier. If you have the time and patience then you could also use the different string voices on your digital piano and recording function to layer up and record your own chamber orchestra backing track! If you are now convinced that you need a digital piano in order to live your wildest Baroque fantasies, then take a look at the Chase P47, Chase CDP345, and the brand new Kawai piano; the KDP-110! You will surely not be disappointed, and recorder players, sackbut players, and crumhorn players all over the world will rejoice!

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