Finding a Holiday Home on Airbnb with a Piano


Finding a Holiday Home with a Piano

Have you ever wanted to go away on holiday, but been aware of your impending piano exam on your return? Surely having a piano at your Airbnb holiday destination would be an excellent solution which would allow you to enjoy your holiday while still squeezing in a little much needed piano preparation.

Many holiday homes to let on websites such as Airbnb do in fact have pianos available for guests to play, but there is currently no search option of a piano. David Crombie of World Piano News has been on the case to investigate what can be done for piano lovers on holiday!

Contact Airbnb Directly

Crombie has wisely advised that for those of us who would like to see a piano search option on sites such as Airbnb, we should write directly to the company. He points out that if enough people voice their desire for this option, the company are sure to add it.


Of course, this new piano option while searching for a holiday rental would not only benefit those searching for a place to stay with a piano. It would also be beneficial to those who advertise their holiday homes!

Do You Advertise on Airbnb ?

If you currently advertise somewhere to stay on a website such as Airbnb and do not have a piano at the property, then it is definitely something to consider. Not only would it be incredibly helpful to many pianists across the globe, but it also adds an air of sophistication to your property.

Invest in a Piano for Your AirB&B Property

If you would like to purchase a piano to put in your Airbnb property then have a look at the Chase Direct website. Here, you can find many super piano deals and offers on a variety of digital pianos. Any electric piano from Chase Direct would be sure to add a special extra something to your rental property.

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