Is your child a mini Mozart?

A Young Mozart


This week Britney Spears has uploaded several videos of one of her two sons playing the piano despite never having had a lesson in his life. In her caption she describes her son as a mini Mozart, and her young son is indeed making some pleasant sounds on the grand piano in the video, although not quite Mozart!

Do you have a mini Mozart at home?

Many parents discover that their children have a musical gift by accident, and they don’t even own a piano or digital piano. Children go to their friends’ houses and play on their keyboards, pianos, and electric pianos to discover that they can effortlessly make beautiful music or recreate famous songs. If your child is one of these gifted children, or a ‘Mini Mozart’ then the question is how to nourish this talent.

Purchasing the right instrument for your mini Mozart

If you want to go down the traditional route and get yourself and your family an instrument that Mozart himself would have been happy, then it’ll be a pricey affair. Whilst there are many acoustic upright pianos available for free, or incredibly cheap on websites like Gumtree, generally these are to be avoided for piano students. Unless you get incredibly lucky, this is unlikely to be a good instrument and even if it is, annual tuning and other piano maintenance is an expensive business.

A Young Mozart
A Young Mozart

Digital pianos for mini Mozart

A far more affordable option for your mini Mozart is a digital piano. Chase Direct offer a range of electric pianos to suit young players and beginners which will be perfect for nurturing and nourishing any talents to enable them to flourish. Electronic pianos come with a wide range of features, both fun and sensible which are bound to encourage small minds to engage with the instrument as much as possible. Digital piano models such as the Chase P-47 are a portable option which means they can easily be moved from room to room while still giving a wonderful sound.


If you are interested in buying a Chase P 47 digital piano for your mini Mozart then please go to the Chase Direct website to find out more and place your order!

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