Chase away the winter blues with a taste of Jamaica


Has your digital piano been neglected since you were playing Christmas carols on it back in December? If not, then why not have a go at playing some fun pieces this winter that will chase away the winter blues and bring a little warmth to your house? No piece of piano music will be quite as warm as the Jamaican Rumba by Arthur Benjamin which will literally transport listeners to the shores of Jamaica.

Music from Jamaica

The perfect winter warmer if you have a record function on your digital piano (which can be found on models such as the Chase CDP345 and the Chase P47) is undoubtedly the Jamaican Rumba. This duet can be tackled by intermediate pianists and experts alike and will surely transport you to the yellow sandy beaches of Kingstown in Jamaica – it really is the perfect piece for chasing away the winter cobwebs from your piano. While it’s fun to play with a friend on two pianos, it’s perfectly possible to play by yourself if you have a digital piano or electric piano with a record feature. Simply record one part to the piano or onto a USB which can be played through a computer, and then play the second part over the top!


A Postcard from Jamaica

The Jamaican Rumba was written by Arthur Benjamin in 1922 and incorporates some jaunty syncopation and magnificent dissonances, all taking root from traditional folk music from Jamaica. Almost a musical post card, once learned this is the perfect piece of music to play as a party piece. It is sure to get the audience swaying and yearning for warmer weather, tropical rain forests, and golden beaches.


If the idea of the Jamaican Rumba has tickled your fancy but you are in need of a digital piano then don’t fret! Chase Direct have many excellent electric pianos in stock and there is something to suit every price range. Browse the Chase Direct website if you would like to find out more.

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