Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton – the World’s Hottest Show

In case you have missed the news – the big hit in the musical theatre world last year was undoubtedly ‘ Hamilton ’. Written by the ridiculously talented Lin Manuel Miranda, the show has smashed Broadway records and stolen the hearts of millions of musical theatre lovers across the globe.

Now we are nearly a whole month into 2018, various renditions of Hamilton are starting to pop up on Youtube and other social media platforms. People at home are buying copies of the sheet music for piano and voice, and creating their own versions at home on their digital pianos or digital keyboards to share with friends.

Hamilton - An American Musical
Hamilton – An American Musical

Hamilton has Something for Everyone

Hamilton boasts a wide variety of songs, which means when having a go at home on your digital piano there will definitely be something you can play, whether that is a slow ballad such as the heart-wrenching ‘Burn’, or one of the faster rap numbers from the show! Whether you are beginner, or an accomplished pianist, trying your hand at Hamilton songs on a digital piano or keyboard will make your task easier than trying to do it all on an acoustic instrument.

Play Hamilton at Home on your own Digital Piano

Many digital pianos (including Chase digital pianos) offer the option of a drum kit voice, so you can create a backing to your taste. They also offer other voices such as strings, and woodwind which will enable you to build up your own amazing backing track to whichever Hamilton song you choose! Using an app such as ‘Acapella’ will allow you to record each part of your backing separately, and then layer them and adjust the levels – perfect for showing off your skills to friends on social media!

The P-47 from Chase Direct is an ideal piano for you to start creating your own covers of songs – with 52 different voices built in, you’ll be spoiled for choice for which instrument sounds to use! At just £329.99, this fantastic 88 note digital piano comes with a bench and a set of headphones, so you don’t have to annoy your entire household after hours of practicing your favourite Hamilton songs! For many more amazing offers on digital pianos and keyboards, head over to Chase Direct to see what they have.

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