Robbie Williams’s Daughter on his Career

Robbie Williams’s (42) daughter Teddy apparently doesn’t care about his singing career! The girl of 4 years old has been known to sit on her father’s lap as he shows her videos from his Knebworth concert with 135,000 in a sea of complete awe and emotion and quite simply says ‘Can I have some cake?’

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Teddy shows no interest in Robbie’s performances even when a sea of people is seen. Williams has stated that the ‘Embarrassment is yet to come!’

Williams has had an amazing career starting out as a young and energetic member of the ever popular Take That. He later on progressed into his own solo career releasing complete chart toppers such as ‘Angels’, ‘Rock DJ’ and ‘Let Me Entertain You’.

Robbie’s ‘Live at Knebworth’ concert went down an absolute storm. The singer began to get extremely emotional at points due to his fans impressive amount of support they showed for him. Robbie was not only supported by his crowd but also by his trusty on stage band. Yolanda Charles on Bass Guitar, Simon Gardner who was a key member of the Brass Section, Kathleen Kissoon and Tessa Niles on backing vocals, Chris Sharrock on drums and of course Max Beesley on Electric Piano.

Beesley and Williams have a brilliant friendship and performance chemistry on stage which is a joy to watch. A performer must have this when performing with their ensemble as it is so important for communication on stage for timing issues and the overall effect of the performance.

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