John Legend teaches Daughter how to play Piano

John Legend has the making of a child prodigy with his daughter of five months old named Luna Simone.

The singer showed a really special snapchat story on Thursday 6th October of him and his beautiful child playing a mini electric keyboard. Luna gracefully played the electric piano carefully and the joy on her face was a treat to watch.

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Legend recognises how important it is to teach young children a musical instrument from an early age but to also ensure the child enjoys this. Science has proven that learning how to read and play music is a fantastic way of encouraging brain development.

In the arms of her caretaker little Luna admiringly watched her father singing and dancing to entertain his daughter.

The joys that children can now get from digital pianos is endless; children are now able to listen to different sounds and be introduced to a whole new sound world which will nurture and enhance their imagination and creative skills. A digital piano can also have a learning function where some piano brands such as Yamaha actually have a function where it helps the musician learn where each note is.

We are so blessed with technology today in society that the children of this generation have the blessing of being able to quickly and easily sit at a piano stool and have access to a plethora of opportunities when playing the electronic piano.

The amazing possibilities that come with instruments like this is never-ending. Children can grow and develop to becoming amazing composers so we may have new Mozart’s, Beethoven’s and Verdi’s on our hands! Alternatively with the privilege of having access to digital pianos we may be looking at the next generation of fantastic musicians that can be amazing role models for their children in the future!

These digital pianos give us these opportunities and excitement because they really do support the idea that anything is possible.

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