The Grand Chicken Sonata…

The French Composer Igorrr let his pet chicken perform at a mini digital piano in his enormous garden; this incredibly whacky idea was actually quite interesting in the end!

The Composer carefully laid chicken seeds on top of the digital piano keys and let nature take its course! A video was posted online of the spritely chicken pecking joyously at the keys in the gorgeous sun French sun.

Image result for chicken plays piano igorrr

The chicken was obviously rather perplexed at the concept in the first few moments (…as we all were) but after a few nibbles of the seeds and on hearing his remarkable melody he really got into it; a virtuoso chicken graces the earth!

Seeing animals being introduced for the first time to instruments is highly fascinating as we as humans see before our eyes how they process the melodies and what emotions the music will spark off in that animal. We as humans have emotional responses; we may cry, laugh or scream and this may be exactly the same for animals.

For instance if one were to show a monkey one of the many digital pianos we have today that animal would be completely fascinated with the abilities of the instrument. In fact there are a few videos on line of monkeys sat at piano stools giving a song for their audience!

Videos like this online which are now available to the whole world gives us more information on the way different animals work and process sounds. It is the same when watching a baby at a piano bench banging their hands clumsily on an electric piano and being completely awed by the different voices that electronic keyboard can make.

Many may think that compositions like The Grand Chicken Sonata may be a complete laughable joke; but this may be the beginnings of something! Who knows…we may one day have a Grand Chicken Orchestra soon!

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