Kraftwerk come to Manchester in 2017.

Manchester’s Bridgewater hall will have the privilege of showing a live show from Kraftwerk on June 19th 2017.

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The band is originally from Germany could be described as an experimental electronic band using electric instruments to create a distinctive and unique atmosphere for their listeners. They emerged from the German ‘krautrock’ scene in the early 70s.

Krautrock is a broad term for experimental rock which originally blossomed in the 1960s in Germany. During the 70s they developed their own distinctive style with repetitive rhythms, memorable pop melodies and even targeted their visual style by adopting matching outfits and eerie backdrops behind them and their instruments to really give them their own signature on the music industry.

The band itself is made up of synthesizers, drum machines, vocoders, self-made instruments and digital pianos. Ralf Hütter who plays the digital piano in the band is also the lead singer. Additionally since Florian Schneider (Synthesizer, vocals and flute) Hütter has been the last remaining original member of the band. Hütter is also associated with the bands ‘Organisation’, ‘The Phantoms’ and ‘The Quartermasters’.

Today we see that Kraftwerk have developed and progressed with the technology around them; for instance Hütter has released an iOS app called Kraftwerk Kling Klang Machine. Hütter has also said that a second boxed set of their first three experimental albums (‘Kraftwerk’, ‘Kraftwerk 2’ and ‘Ralf and Florian’) could be released due to the graphics and photographs available to them now; Hütter added ‘We took a lot of Polaroids in them days’.

Experimental music becomes much more interesting and open to interpretation as the years go on. Dating back to neoclassical genre with Stravinsky and ‘The Pulcinella Suite’ as an example an audience thought this was incredibly different and exciting. Now with the help of brands such as Yamaha, Kawai and Chase we have access to different instruments to give compositions and adaptations a more inventive tone with the help of the timbres made available here.

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