David Beckham Supports PTSD.

David Beckham has recently been nominated by Director Guy Ritchie to partake in the 22 Million Push up challenge. The challenge is to honour servicemen and servicewomen who are currently suffering with PTSD and to remember those who it got the better of, resulting in heart-breaking suicide.

Not everyone is familiar with the term PTSD and many have never heard of this before; this is a mental condition which affects people of all ages and is a ‘memory filing error’.

If one were to Image result for david beckhamexperience a traumatising event, the mind would not file this memory until the danger has passed. Once the danger has eventually passed the mind will then present the memory and file this away with all senses attached to this including touch, taste, sound, vision, movement, and smell. However the initial presentation of the memory can be traumatising itself as this can be extremely real to the person experiencing this.

Veterans who have been in combat previously will have to suffer the re-experiencing of the traumatic events which happened in their lives which is incredibly exhausting, frustrating and can be quite terrifying for these people. Some veterans may even end up in custody due to their human reaction to a trigger that they have experienced such as the noise of a gun sounding may trigger anger out of one serviceperson and they may end up acting out in a violent way to the next person they see. The most common coping mechanism for coping with the avoidance and the hyper arousal feeling veterans experience with PTSD is to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and abuse drugs; some Veterans have even been known to resort to domestic abuse, lashing out at the people they love the most because of the frustration they feel.

This is why the 22 Million Push Up challenge is now happening. This challenge is bringing people together and making them more aware of the affects and struggles of PTSD and Combat Stress that veterans are now suffering with. This challenge has become so wonderfully popular that celebrities such as David Beckham have been so enthusiastic and positive towards the cause ensuring they post everything on social media to encourage more people to take part. David Beckham recently posted a video on instagram of himself on his second day of the challenge on top of a piano while a pianist friend plays classical music and sips on red wine sat on the piano stool.

Music can be an excellent escape for people suffering with mental health problems as it sparks different reactions and can actually help to release endorphins for the individual. Musical events and workshops have been known to take place and be adapted especially for mental health sufferers ensuring they learn new skills and take part in a comfortable team who understand exactly what they are going through. Workshop practitioners take along a digital piano to their sessions and play along with the workshop goers. Digital pianos are excellent instruments to use in this situation as they are able to play different voices and have so many abilities such as playing songs and rhythm patterns which can be so beneficial to the listeners.

Society today has become so much more confident with being open about mental health. As it has become more ‘normal’ more people who are suffering have not been afraid to step forward and admit they have been suffering too. Additionally things like the 22 Million Push Up challenge enables not only the service people who have fought for us but also the millions of sufferers who suffer from different forms of PTSD in understanding that we are most certainly not alone.

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