Coldplay uses Kawai Digital Pianos

Image result for coldplay superbowl 2016Coldplay gave an outstanding performance this year for the half time performance at the Superbowl. The set list included Yellow, Viva la Vida, Paradise, Adventure of a Lifetime, Formation, Clocks and Fix You.

Lead singer of the band Chris Martin had the crowd in the palm of his hand with the help of his fellow band members Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion.

Interestingly Coldplay’s Chris Martin taught himself the piano and cannot read music which is highly impressive with the skill that he presents in his playing. Recently Coldplay has opted for the Kawai model to use in their concerts.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin opts to use Kawai Digital Pianos in Concerts

This year at the Superbowl performance in California, Coldplay opted to use the Kawai K300-ATX2. Coldplay music features a lot of interesting sounds and effects which can be given on a Kawai digital piano due to the amount of different timbres and sounds they have to offer. For instance the Kawai CN-35 offers over 300 different sounds allowing you to give an orchestral sound to your playing. The band is known for their distinctive and unique sound. Chris Martin’s voice has a haunting tone which contributes to the individuality of their music so with Kawai digital pianos allowing you to have the option of over 300 sounds it is no wonder why Coldplay has chosen to use these models.

Kawai digital pianos are becoming increasingly popular with musicians as they are improving their technology and design more and more with each new model. For instance there is a ‘let off’ simulation which imitates the subtle notch when playing a note softly on an acoustic piano. Also Kawai digital pianos feature 128 dynamic sounds on just one note ranging from a woolly and rich tone when played very softly through to a much grander and full-bodied tone when played with more attack.

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