Baroque pieces on a Classical Piano?

Baroque compositions on a Classical piano is an interesting conversation point for musicians today. Some may say Baroque pieces must be played on a harpsichord and others will say that the Classical piano gives an authentic sound to the Baroque works of great composers.

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The beloved Harpsichord was a cherished instrument in the Baroque period. It allowed composers such as William Byrd and Domenico Scarlatti to be more musically flexible with the different choirs of strings that were available on the Harpsichord when composing their fugues, suites and fantasias.

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Kraftwerk come to Manchester in 2017.

Manchester’s Bridgewater hall will have the privilege of showing a live show from Kraftwerk on June 19th 2017.

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The band is originally from Germany could be described as an experimental electronic band using electric instruments to create a distinctive and unique atmosphere for their listeners. They emerged from the German ‘krautrock’ scene in the early 70s.

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David Beckham Supports PTSD.

David Beckham has recently been nominated by Director Guy Ritchie to partake in the 22 Million Push up challenge. The challenge is to honour servicemen and servicewomen who are currently suffering with PTSD and to remember those who it got the better of, resulting in heart-breaking suicide.

Not everyone is familiar with the term PTSD and many have never heard of this before; this is a mental condition which affects people of all ages and is a ‘memory filing error’.

If one were to Image result for david beckhamexperience a traumatising event, the mind would not file this memory until the danger has passed. Once the danger has eventually passed the mind will then present the memory and file this away with all senses attached to this including touch, taste, sound, vision, movement, and smell. However the initial presentation of the memory can be traumatising itself as this can be extremely real to the person experiencing this.

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Ray Charles’s Birthday Today

The legend that is Ray Charles would have been celebrating his 86th today.

Ray was born in Greenville, Florida as Ray Charles Robinson – son of Bailey Robinson and Aretha Williams.Image result for ray charles Ray was known for his incredible talent sat at his piano and creating amazing, cathartic and soulful music when he was in fact completely blind. However he was not born with his condition. It is said that the reason for Charles’s blindness was a case of glaucoma. At the young age of around four or five Charles began to lose his sight after witnessing the death of his younger brother George who drowned in Aretha’s laundry tub.

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The Lost Songs of St Kilda

Forgotten folk songs of St Kilda have now been discovered. The small island of St Kilda located 40 miles west of Scotland’s Isle of Lewis is one of the most isolated places located near the United Kingdom.

After years of islanders living a very simple way of life hunting sea birds and making tweed out of sheep’s wool St Kilda is now a beautiful attraction where visitors can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing break, escaping from the busy and demanding city life they may lead Sir James MacMillan performing on St Kilda - photo credit James Glossopelsewhere.

Recently there has been a discovery with the old folk songs of St Kilda. These came from islanders who would sing work, love and funeral songs including one wedding song which was found. The island itself was strictly under the influence of the Protestant Church in the 1800s and any singing of songs other than psalms was extremely frowned upon.

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ENO Makes Yamaha Official Partner

English National Opera known as ENO has made Yamaha their official partner. Yamaha’s first revolutionary TransAcoustic™ piano can now be located in the orchestra pit at the London Coliseum.

Martin Fitzpatrick,Image result for eno yamaha ENO’s Head of Music said “At ENO we give our pianos a thorough workout. Creating the orchestral colours on a piano requires an instrument of artistry and reliability, delicacy and toughness, depth and precision. I am delighted that, through this new partnership, Yamaha have provided ENO with pianos that fully meet the demands we place upon them”.

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Coldplay uses Kawai Digital Pianos

Image result for coldplay superbowl 2016Coldplay gave an outstanding performance this year for the half time performance at the Superbowl. The set list included Yellow, Viva la Vida, Paradise, Adventure of a Lifetime, Formation, Clocks and Fix You.

Lead singer of the band Chris Martin had the crowd in the palm of his hand with the help of his fellow band members Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion.

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