Pokemon pianist takes internet by storm

You have to be living under the rock if you haven’t heard about Pokemon Go! The recent  app, involving everybodys favourite 90’s cartoon monstors has taken the world by storm, and doesn’t it just keep on growing. Pokemons now even taking the internet by storm in the world of digital piano!

pokemon piano - man films himself playing pokemons background music on his digital instrument
Pokemon PLAY! Fan films himself playing battle music on his digital piano

Pokemon originally began in the 90’s, and twenty so years on nostalgia has been relit, and the world is hooked. This resurgance of a childhood classic has caused many a resurgance in fan art, videos and merchandise. One man decided to take advantage of this, and film himself playing the games background battle music on his digital piano.

The user, known only as pianoYN uploaded the 2.25 minute clip to video sharing site Niconico Douga – a Japanese site similar in vein to YouTube. It depicts him sitting on a piano stool seemingly effortlessly playing the Pokemon Go! battle theme, alongside a cheeky Pokemon plush which sits and stares at the camera as the music plays behind it. It’s unsure the true identity of this Pokemon piano master, but all we know is he’s a dab hand on the keys.

Gotta play ’em all!

By the first week of August alone, just days after it had been uploaded, the video had already clocked up an impressive 100,000 views! Many other nintendo based videos have been uploaded on orchestral instruments, including the Mario theme on Violin, and Zelda on the flute, but none have been come close to this Pokemon feat.

It’s impossible to say wether or not Pokemons piano palava would have racked up as many views were Pokemon Go! not such a huge success from this side of the globe to the other, but either way, we must admit it’s an impressive performance on the ivories either way!




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