Live Music at Oxford Road Station

Imagine a busy morning at Oxford Road Station; whether it is meeting a Oxford Road Station and its new pianoloved one on the platform or on your busy commute to work, you don’t expect to hear a live piano being played at the train station!

Manchester Oxford Road has recently introduced a new addition to the station which is an upright piano for any member of the public to play. Manchester is a thriving city filled with excellent musicians with exceptional talents and the piano at Oxford Road station gives these musicians an opportunity to show the public their skills.

Oxford Road Station gives calming live music

One girl was sat on the piano stool at the famous Oxford Road piano as I was waiting for a train in the afternoon. She sat and played extremely calm and serene music which instantly gave the station a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Passengers and members of the general public passing by stopped to listen to this calming live music and people were even recording this on their mobile phones and cameras.

There is a joy about hearing the sound of a piano whether it is a digital piano or an old and worn upright and watching one being played live is even more special. Digital pianos today are gradually sounding more and more like actual grand pianos with the way they are built to the way they even feel.

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Music has an impact on all of us and any different genre of music will also have a different reaction from person to person. Some of us love jazz, others love classical and others may love heavy metal rock music! The special thing about having this piano at Oxford Road Station is that there is no rule to what music is allowed to be played. After all there is no rule at all where music is concerned.

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