Clavinova recognised as one of “50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time”

The Yamaha Clavinova digital piano has fought off fierce competition, and been named on Time magazine’s list of “50 most influential gadgets of all times”.

Yamaha Clavinova named as one of Times 50 most influential gadgets
Fighting off fierce competition…the Clavinova has been named on Time’s list of 50 most inflential gadgets ever

The digital piano, released originally in 1983, not only fought off competition, but were the only musical instrument to make the list. The likes of big brand corporations such as Apple, Fitbit and Polaroid Camera were also in the running.

Times are a changing

This list, exclusively for technology, names 50 different technologies which the judges have decided have altered the course of history for how humans live, work and play. The judges for Time decided that the Clavinova altered the way the digital piano was to be played forever, and therefore it made the cut.

A spokesperson for Time magazine states that “You could argue the Minimoog did far more for music tech, or that the Fairlight was cooler, but visit average U.S. households from the 1980s forward and you’re most likely to encounter the Clavinova. Yamaha’s popular digital piano married the look and compactness of a spinet (a smaller, shorter upright piano) with the modern qualities of a modest synthesizer. With a plausibly pianistic weighted action and space-saving footprint, it’s become a staple for parents looking to bring maintenance-free musicality – you never have to tune it – into households, all without sacrificing huge swathes of living space.”

Additionally to this, it is the extra-ordinary number of honours and reviews and references to the instrument that also helped it pave it’s way into Time’s history books. The Clavinova has receieved more rave reviews and awards than any other digital piano in history, mainly from music dealers, consumers, performers and magazine editors all across the globe. It’s even spakred it’s own Clavinova festival, which has attracted thousands of eager fans over the decades since Yamaha released the original.

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