Robot piano can play any song of its own accord

It can play over 400 songs with the swipe of a finger. Eidelweiss, the Cambridge company that brought to you the worlds first design-your-own digital piano, have upped their game. Meet the robot piano. The Eidellweis Self Play uses a designated iPod with a vast back catalogue, and it plays the tunes.


robot piano delights cambridge shoppers
Enjoying the music – Cambridge shoppers dance along to self-playing piano

Using speakers to project the music, whilst the keys of this grand piano spring to life almost of their own accord, Eidellweiss took the streets of their native Cambridge earlier this year to showcase their piano, and passers by were both bemused and amazed. The piano uses specialised software that was produced to provide a piano accompaniment to the tunes that the iPod plays. It really is futuristic.

A baffling, modern piece of art

You may be thinking, self playing piano‘s, where the keys seem to move of their own accord to play tunes aren’t that unusual. And in fact, they have been around for over 150 years. However, none of this hi tech and calibre have existed – until now. Back in the mid 19th century, rolles of perforated paper, string and strikers were used in order to create an ominous sound. Technlogy, however, has come on in leaps and bounds, and Eidelweiss have been the first company to fit their self playing pianos with high fidelity speakers, so vocals and backing tracks can also be produced alongside the music the robot piano is playing. Revolutionary!

The piano itself also has a hidden drawer compartment – where the famous iPod in question is placed. And it’s jam-packed full of hits, from Elton John to Beethoven to Chopin. Quite the range.

Ross Norman, company director of Eidellweis claims that he is simply bringing his grandfathers ideas into the 21st century.

‘Since my grandfather, a physicist, quit his job in 1975 to hand-build his own pianos-family life has revolved around the craft and the joy of live music.’

This isn’t your typical Chase P-50, or Yamaha P-115, however, which only set you back a fair and reasonable couple of hundred pounds each. The Eidellweis self play stands pretty, ranging with each type from a cool £9,000, to £20,000, if you’re grand and want a piano which also is!




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