Digital Pianos – the lowdown

Musics always changing. Digital pianos are the present and future. They are everywhere you go, wether you realise is or not. But what makes the digital piano so much superior to that of its predessors?  As Bob Dylan said, the times are a changing, and more and more people are choosing digital over acoustic. The facts are simple, really. Below are the highlighted reasons why you, too, should join the digital piano era.


musics best on a digital piano
Digital piano – the way forward.








Digital pianos are generally more cost-effective than your traditional acoustic. Wether you opt for a Chase brand, Casio, Yamaha or Korg, to name but a few, you would definately be making a hefty saving. Wether you are a learner yourself, have saved up, or buying one as a christmas present for your child on a budget, it’s always good to get a decent price with a piano thats suitable for you.


Most people are aware that the room in which you keep an acoustic piano is important – changes in temperature and humidity can seriously affect the tuning of the instrument. With digital, however, this is a thing of the past. It does not require tuning or maintenance, as it doesn’t require the use of strings or hammers. Therefore, this allows the piano to be stored in any room, regardless of the temperatures around it.

Additionally, their portability means it can easily be moved from room to room, house to house, and so on. They are much smaller in size and less heavy than their acoustic brothers, and so do not need to stay in one place.

This leads on to space. As they are so compact, digital pianos can be fit in smaller spaces. Less stress when moving house, or, for example, taking your piano to college, or university.  Acoustics, of course, being a lot larger, are much harder to reposition and adjust, and sound can be affected by wall space also.


With the acoustic, you run the risk of annoying your family or friends with your playing. Or maybe even background noise is irritating you. That’s where digital pianos have well and truly upped the game, using headphone connection. The headphone connection on a digital piano removes any restrictions when practicing on those ivory keys.

Additionally, headphones have been proven to build up confidence in nervous and novice players alike, as there’s no chance of anybody hearing you. Plugging in a set of headphones provides immediate and direct sound and builds confidence by playing privately. It also keeps family, flatmates and neighbours at peace too.

Some digital pianos have two headphone sockets as well, so you can even play alongside friends, or family, or perhaps your tutor, to share and analyse performances.  They also have excellent learning facilities, most including playback and recording features, to correct errors or alter any pieces you may compose! The musics sounding better, on digital.


So, to sum up – the digital piano may have that authentic feel of the old acoustics, nor may they always look as traditional. But you’re guarenteed a fabulous instrument, with more bang for your buck, and the ability to grow and develop your musics skills, whatever level player you are!





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