Why learning musical instruments is so beneficial

If you’re a musician of any sort, then you’ll probably agree that learning to play a musical instrument is fun. It can be hours of entertainment, wether you are a student at school learning digital piano, in a band on the guitar, or just taking up a hobby. It does, however, come with so many other benefits.


Instrument learning, why its so beneficial
tickling the ivories – but why is learning how to play an instrument so rewarding?

1) Releasing Stress

Studies have shown that playing music releases endorphins, and switch off the stress response, improving both emotional and phsyical health. Listening to music, as well, also has the same affects.

2) Confidence booster

Perhaps you are playing on stage. Perhaps even, just learning. Either way, playing an instrument boosts confidence. Who doesn’t feel better about themselves once they’ve learnt a new skill? This is where learning an instrument is a major advantage. And many studies have proven this over the years.

3) Social skills

Wether you decide to play in a band, hang out with those who do, or even just have a mutual love for your instrument, learning will aid social skills vastly. Many musicials often move in circles, joining others together through their mutual hobbies and music choices.

4)  Improving memory

Having to remember notes, and key changes, and string arrangements can be hard work. However, once mastered, your memory will improve in bundles. Listening to compositions and songs helps, too.

5) Improving mathematical skills

When learning compositions, you have to decipher rhythm, and count notes  number patterns. Therefore, improves mathematical skills, another brand of “improving memories”, discussed in the last point. There’s never anything wrong with improving memory and mathematical skills, whatever level and age you are at in life.

6) Improving patience

It is rare for somebody to sit down at their piano for the first time and automatically become the next Elgar or Mozart. Therefore, it goes without saying that learning an instrument takes much time and patience. Patience is a good quality for anybody to possess, and trying to better yourself on the drums, trumpet, clarinet etc increases this greatly. Patience, as they say, is a virtue.

7)  Co-ordination Enhancing

Strings or keys, instruments require hand eye co-ordination. This is obviously a big factor when learning to play something new, as you will be doing various things at once, not just using your fingers, but your eyes, and breathing patterns even. This increased co-ordination can help you with many other things in life, from your reaction times, to small things such as ball catching.

8) Educational and cultural

Musical instruments are steeped in history. Wether it’s the birth of the piano, or the jazz-era in the deep South of America, there is so much to learn and absorb, no matter what your instrument of choice may be. You can absorb yourself in the cultural history.


So, there you have it. Just 8 reasons why learning a musical instrument is beneficial, and there’s plenty more. So, wether you’re a Chase P-50 digital piano person, or prefer the drums, each and every instrument has beneficial reasons to start learning today!

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