Farewell to the Starman

Farewell to the Starman


Yesterday, the music world was brought to a halt as we learned of the death of the original Starman, David Bowie. The rock God has inspired millions to go into the music career and has in fact inspired many of the other big names in the music industry today. Bowie was an inspiration to many, not just in the music industry, but also in the film world. His smash hit film Labyrinth will go down in history as being an eighties classic and there is absolutely no doubt that hundreds of thousands of Bowie fans spent last night huddled up in a blanket watching this iconic flick, fighting off the tears and fondly remembering the legend who has now passed into the stars, to once and for all become a Starman.

The Starman

Bowie’s tragic death came after an 18 month battle with cancer and his family have briefly commented at this time and have said in their statement that he died peacefully, surrounded by his family and loved ones. The death of the Starman comes just after the demise of another music legend little over a week ago; Lemmy. Many fans are convinced that the two are now sitting in the clouds making music together. They will both be sorely missed, but their influences will live on and they will continue to inspire and enthuse musicians all over the world for many years to come.

Pay your tibute to the Starman

Of course tributes will be paid all across the globe to the Starman, and plaques and memorial benches are probably in the process of being manufactured already. Memorial concerts are most likely in the process of being planned and put together across the world, and tribute videos will no doubt be popping up all over the internet already. If you want to pay your respects in this way and create a musical tribute to Bowie, then get at your electric piano and give the world your very best rendition of the Starman. If you don’t have a piano to play on, then they are readily available at competitive prices and there are hundreds of models to chose from. If Bowie has inspired you and got your creative juices flowing, then why not go for a stunning instrument like a KDP-90, or an ES100 which will surely inspire and stun anyone.

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