Star Wars – May the Force be with your Piano

With the new release of the long awaited Star Wars film comes the latest hit from Player:Piano’s immensely successful Youtube channel. In this latest video we see and hear the legendary Sonya Belousova play a magnificent Star Wars medley just in time for the release of the new George Lucas masterpiece.

Star Wars Piano



This new video is a little longer than most of the other ones from the hit Youtube channel (the total run time comes in at over ten minutes long) and consists of more fantastic pianos than usual. Perhaps the most impressive out of them all is the Millennium Falcon piano which I am sure any Star Wars loving pianist would love to have in their house. The piano is simply a modern work of art and clearly an incredible piece of design. Belousova sits at her Star Wars piano and comes out with her stunning medley of the main themes that can be found in the previous six films. We see her first scene as she is dressed as Han Solo and later we see her taking on costumes more in the spirit of Princess Leia and then Darth Vader as she plays a black piano surrounded by red light sabers.

Play Star Wars at Home

The whole new video is probably the most extravagant and impressive so far and no doubt will receive a monumental amount of hits. If you too would like to play some of the most popular movie hits and produce sounds as great as Sonya Belousova and her Star Wars theme medley, it’s time to get at your piano and start playing! Obviously this level of playing takes some serious practicing and perseverance so it helps if you have a nice piano to play on! There are a number of very nice options on the market that won’t break the bank if you don’t already have a piano. Digital pianos are always a good option as they are a one off cost and you will never have to worry about tuning. They are often also more popular due to the fact that you can get slim line digital pianos thus they are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have space for an upright piano. There are even electronic grand piano options available in baby grand sizes for those of you who have always dreamed of having a grand piano in your home but haven’t had the money or space!


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