Merry Christmas from Chase

Merry Christmas from the team here at Chase Music!!


This year has been a year of electric pianos! We have seen the release of some lovely new digital pianos and the digital piano technology is as up to date as it ever has been and shows huge promise for the future.


Merry Christmas from Chase!!!


It was only a few days ago now when the brand new Chase P-50 was released, and it has already proved to be a massive hit. Digital piano technology has come along in leaps and bounds over the past few years, so while older models can still be nice instruments, the newer ones will have a much better sound quality and feel a lot nicer to the touch (as well as being a lot more pleasing to the eye than older models). The brand new Chase P50 is a brilliant example of these things and there is a significant difference in both the sound and the touch quality of the instrument and for the price it is being sold at – this really is remarkable quality!!!


Many people will be unwrapping their Christmas gifts this year to find one of these magnificent digital pianos and no doubt every single recipient of the new Chase P 50 will be bowled over by the fantastic quality of every aspect of the instrument.

 Buy your very own brand new P-50 today from Chase for a Merry Christmas

If you too would like to purchase a new piano, then perhaps the Chase P-50 is for you too! It is a great piano for anyone starting out with the piano or just toying about, but at the same time, with the optional three pedal unit attached to the instrument this piano is actually absolutely fine for playing at a professional level and this would make a wonderful secondary piano for any pianist or a great instrument for any music student to have in their room at university (as this piano is also rather portable).

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