Tips and tricks for buying a digital piano this year!

This year a digital piano will make a brilliant gift for anyone, and you are still in plenty of time to order one in time for Christmas! The question is, where to start?! The whole process of buying an electric piano can be very daunting (especially if you’re buying it for someone else, not yourself) if you’re not sure what to look for!!

With electric pianos, different things tend to be important to different people… Some people want a certain colour, some people want a specific set of internal features, and some people need it to be a specific shape or size in order to fit in a certain space!  So, here are a few tips to help you chose the right piano!

Tips for buying a digital piano!

If it’s colour you’re after, then the Chase CDP 245 or the Chase CDP 247 are good starting places to look at. Both models are exceptionally popular and come in a range of different colours so there is bound to be something to suit your colour preference! These particular digital pianos also boast impressive value for money and you wot find anything else with this sound quality and range of internal features for the same price range anywhere other than Chase Direct!
If you are after features and functions then perhaps you would like to take a quick look at the Yamaha DGX 650 which has many impressive features and is thought by some to be a kind of digital piano and keyboard hybrid! Again, the Chase electronic pianos are all equipped with many internal functions.
Is it space that concerns you? Well there are digital pianos for you too!! If you don’t have space for a full piano keyboard then have a look at the Chase CDP-160. This model is particularly popular for children’s bedrooms where there is limited space!
If you’re not sure what it is you’re looking for then you might be best going for an ‘all-rounder’ piano. Any of the Chase digital pianos would fit into this category as they all had an impressive sound quality, good speakers, and an outstanding range of internal features. Not to mention all of the Chase pianos look lovely and would be a welcome furniture addition to any home! Hopefully these handy tips will give you an idea of where to start to look for your new digital piano! Don’t hesitate to call the team at Chase Direct for more handy tips and advice!

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