Justin Bieber returns to the Charts!

This week the inevitable has happened; Justin Beiber has topped the UK charts once again with his new song which is called ‘Sorry’.

Justin Bieber


Currently at number two, this song has been described as an upbeat anthem and apparently Bieber has claimed that this song should be seen as a general apology to the world for all of his bad behaviour. As typical of Bieber ’s songs (whether you are prepared to readily admit it or not), Sorry has a catchy tune that will have you tapping your foot and nodding your head. This is actually one of two of Bieber’s songs from his new album that has reached the top ten in the UK charts this week, the other one is called What do you Mean and is currently sitting in the number 8 hotspot. No doubt with Beiber’s seeming return, we are in for a Justin Beiber filled 2016, which no doubt many will love, and many will despise. It’s worth pointing out that there is actually another Justin Beiber hit currently sitting nearer the bottom of the top 40 at number 32. This one is called I’ll Show You and has only been in the charts for a week so the chances are it will creep its way up the ladder and there is little doubt that it will end up in the top ten!

 Justin Bieber on your piano at home!

After a quick Google, as with most chart hits, it seems there is already a whole load of sheet music for piano, digital piano, keyboard, and many other instruments is available to buy and download online. There are also electric piano tutorials popping up left, right, and centre on Youtube for the new Justin Bieber songs. On the online Youtube tutorials you tend to see an electronic piano on screen which plays the notes separately and slowly so you can play along at home while watching the keys of the online digital piano light up in succession.

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