The hit group from France!

This year the popularity and status of girl group LEJ has absolutely skyrocketed. The group is made up of three girls from France who started off by simply uploading a few videos to Youtube of them making music together. At first, this was just a hobby and the videos were a bit scrappy, as would be expected from three teenage girls just playing around on Youtube. As time went on their videos began to gradually receive more and more recognition, especially in France. The group seemingly invested in a better camera and their videos started looking more and more professional.

LEJ from France

The group really headlined when they made a video which was essentially a mash up of all of the top summer hits in France from 2014. Of course, in France this was an absolute hit and the video received well over a million views. The girls, reeling from their success then decided to do the same thing the following year but this time with the top chart summer worldwide 2015 hits, rather than the top hits from France. This decision ensured that the new mash up was a worldwide success, although supposedly the girls had not envisioned this level of success and if they had, apparently they would not have recorded the video while wearing their pyjamas!!

Create your own success to rival that of LEJ from France!

The story of the French group, LEJ just goes to show that anybody can get somewhere with music. Many of the musicians that we know and love today started off with uploading simple videos to Youtube. If you too want to record yourself playing music and upload it to Youtube to see if you can reach international acclaim, then why not invest in a digital piano?! With an instrument such as an electronic piano you can be a one man (or one woman) band and accompany yourself all by yourself! There are many digital pianos out there with recording features so all you have to do is plug in your USB pen drive and hit record!! If you’re not sure where to start, then look at the Chase P-40, the Chase P-55, and the Kawai KDP90!

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