Get your carols ready for Christmas!

It’s that time of year again; the supermarkets are adorned with flashing Christmas lights and novelty Santas. Despite Christmas day being more than a month away, it has taken over once again. Every shop I have walked into in the past week has had the subtle tones of Christmas music in the background, just to subliminary get everyone in the mood.

Carols around the piano!

Where are the carols?!

I always find it sad that most of the music you tend to find in shops around the festive season tends to be dodgy 80s Christmas hits (Wham and the likes seem to be particularly popular). Where are the Christmas Carols!? Although yes, I can appreciate that Christmas has taken a rather commercial turn, let us not forget the origins of the day, and what better way to do that than with some good old fashioned Christmas Carols. Most people are under the impression that a Christmas Carol is something that should be limited to Church. I firmly disagree, and point out to everyone who will listen that not all Christmas Carols have that ultra-traditional Churchy vibe (although there’s nothing wrong with this kind of carol anyway). Shops need to discover John Rutter and Karl Jenkins and other modern masters who have composed some modern Christmas Carol classics that are sure to put anyone in a festive mood!!!


Traditional carols around the piano

What’s more, what ever happened to standing around the piano having a festive sing-song? This used to be a magnificent form of family entertainment and personally I find that there is something very charming about the whole situation. You might argue that that doesn’t happen any more because people don’t tend to have pianos any more… but you would be wrong! In fact, more people than ever now have pianos because of the rise in digital pianos. They are such good value for money and produce such a lovely sound that probably one in ten households have one, and that’s not even including the households that will have keyboards!! So… If you have a piano or digital piano at home, I urge you to play and sing some carols this festive season! If you would like to revive this tradition but don’t have a piano, then maybe it’s time to get one! Electronic pianos are in abundance on the market today and available at some really great prices, head over to Chase Direct to have a look if you fancy some carolling!

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