Ebony and Ivory Key tops!

Something you probably haven’t thought of when considering buying your new digital piano is the quality of the key tops. While there are some great pianos out there with superb sound quality and feel, it’s always worth having a look to see what the key tops are made of. You will find that a lot of them are made from plastic. While you might not think this is a big issue, it does actually make more difference than you would think when playing.
Ivory keys

When you play the piano, there is always some moisture in your fingertips, that is natural and is the case with everyone. When you play plastic keys, this moisture is released from your fingertips and ends up on the key of your piano. When you have a plastic key, this moisture has nowhere to go so loiters on the key top and this is why when you finish playing a digital piano with plastic key tops, the keys can appear smudgey.

Ebony and Ivory emulated key tops on digital pianos!

There are electronic pianos out there where the manufacturers have actually put considerable time and effort into creating key tops that emulate ebony and ivory, the materials a traditional acoustic piano would have had its keys made from. Obviously real ivory is no longer legal for animal rights reasons (quite rightly so) but this manufacturer emulation is most certainly the next best thing. The material is more breathable, meaning the key tops will not have a layer of moisture on the top after you’ve finished playing! One of the more notable electronic pianos that boasts this feature is the beautiful KDP-90 from Kawai. This piano is an all round stunner with its stunning sound and hammer action keys to pair with the ebony and ivory emulated key tops!

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