The Bubble Piano has been unveiled!

This month’s nutty science digital piano has been unveiled! Utterly ridiculous in comparison to a conventional digital piano or electronic keyboard that you might find in your front room, we are now faced with something that has been dubbed a ‘ Bubble Piano ’. Of course, fascinating as these new innovations in digital pianos are, if you are looking for a beautiful instrument to adorn your house with, you should probably keep looking (try something like the Chase P-40 or the Chase CDP-350)…

Bubble piano in action


New levels of absurdity with the Bubble Piano

It still amazes me how many scientists feel the need to spend their time constructing weird and whacky variants on the traditional (and far more functional and convenient) digital pianos, but it seems this is a phase that’s not going to stop any time soon. So we may as well indulge and have a little look into this mad invention.

This new digital piano, or the ‘ Bubble Piano ’ has been designed to play along to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, more commonly known as ‘Ode to Joy’. It is lovely to look at, although I would never actually consider this to be a digital piano in any way, shape, or form. A brief description of how it works, and although very impressive, I would still rather have something like a Kawai KDP-90, which would surely be a fraction of the price.

How the Bubble Piano works

“A relatively small quantity of charged particles are added to the water which is the main body of the piano. The particles are added at boiling point and then a weak voltage is applied which then allows bubble nucleation – bubbles forming from the water – if it is positively charged and suppresses bubble nucleation if they’re negatively charged.”

If you’re interested in purchasing a normal electronic piano as opposed to the ‘ Bubble Piano ‘ (sorry, no charged particles here) then there are literally hundreds to choose from. Head over to Chase Direct to browse the impressively large range of instruments currently available at unbeatable prices!


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