A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain

This week in piano news, something somewhat unexpected has happened. A rapper from a group called Goldie Lookin Chain has written a 17-track album called Piano Solos under the name ‘Rhys from GLC’. Goldie Lookin Chain is a controversial rap group from Wales, famous for titles such as Your Missus is a Nutter, and Half Man Half Machine. Goldie Lookin Chain and the new piano album

It transpires that the Goldie Lookin Chain star Rhys Hutchings has taken a break from hip hop to pen his new classical piano album, something he has apparently been thinking about doing for many moons.. Rhys used to play the piano in his youth but it has now been near twenty years since he tinkled the ivories.

Rhys from Goldie Lookin Chain has his say

“It’s nice to make music that does not have samples or beats and is just stripped down,” he said.
“It’s like painting or watercolours or drawing a sketch or doing a poem. It is what it is.”
“I play it to some people and they say, ‘That’s nice, I’ll play that when I put my kids to bed,’ Rhys said.
“I played it to my mate Phil, who does mortgages, and he said it was really up his street. And he’s into Balearic house.
“It’s influenced by Aphex Twin as well as Chopin and stuff like that.”

Although this news may come as a surprise to the masses, it transpired that Rhys is actually a local councillor for Newport too.

“It was quite a personal thing to do but it is all how I wanted.
“With the GLC you’ve got a group of people having an input and everyone brings something to the table which is great but to have something like this is really cool.
“I’ve kept the songs short because everyone’s attention span is shot through watching too much YouTube.
“It’s kind of like doing punk where all the songs were two minutes long. It’s like a punk classical thing.”
“The amazing thing about making music like this, on one instrument, is that it’s actually like seeing into someone’s thoughts, a peek inside of their mind,” he said.
“During the three weeks I was writing and recording these songs, this is what the inside of my mind sounded like.
“Though, in the end, I really had to resist the temptation to just slam break beats over all of the tunes.”
“I have always wanted to make an album like this, laid bare with nothing to hide behind,” he said.
“I’m proud of the songs and it feels good to make something unexpected.”

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