The Piano Guys are Back!

Everyone knows the Piano Guys are awesome and everyone loves them. Well, you should be thrilled to hear that this week they have brought out another video! Known for their videos which are usually filmed in glorious surroundings (for no particular reason, but who cares!), this latest film seems to have been filmed in some kind of vast salt desert expanse and thanks to clever filming and editing, we see the stars go by overhead (really quite apt as the cover is of Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars). The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys reign!

The Piano Guys have been popular for many years now and do regular videos where they cover popular tunes. For me, a lot of the appeal is that The Piano Guys really are just average Joe’s – they’re not unbelievably beautiful men who are shamelessly promoted by record labels and perfume brands. These are REAL people. The way they play is brilliant and I challenge you to not tap your foot and bob your head along to their tunes. Their enthusiasm is contagious and quite frankly inspirational. After hearing The Piano Guys I always feel the need to find a piano and play some tunes. This latest video is particularly heart-warming as the names of all of the founding members of the Piano Guys are written onto both the grand piano and also the cello, as a kind of memento of them in order to give them the recognition they deserve. At the start of the video we actually see The Piano Guys putting the name transfers onto the instruments.

Be a Piano Guy!

If you want to follow in the footsteps of The Piano Guys, there are a number of different digital piano and electric keyboard options that are more than affordable to get you on your way. With models such as the Chase P-65, the Chase P-55, and the Kawai KDP-90, you would actually have everything you need to make a one person Piano Guys recreation. There are string voices, multi-track recording options and some digital pianos come with handy percussion options too. With all this (and much, much more) there is no limit to the possibilities. Get playing!




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