Kawai alternatives to Steinway

Many people believe that a piano is capable of reproducing the sound of an entire orchestra and there are hundreds of thousands of sound variation in most grand pianos, yet the majority of people who tend to talk about piano sound today only seem to talk about the sound of a single manufacturer: Steinway.

many Steinway pianos are made by Kawai Continue reading “Kawai alternatives to Steinway”

Fruit Piano…

This month, digital pianos have taken another turn towards weirdville with yet another Raspberry Pi related venture. There have already been several weird and wonderful fruit related Raspberry Pi ventures before this month’s video release, and clearly new advancements with Raspberry Pis are going to people’s heads. Although the results are somewhat amusing, having a digital piano made of fruit is less than practical (unless you have the soul intenet of being a Youtube wonder)… Fruit piano Continue reading “Fruit Piano…”

Barenboim and his new wonder piano

Daniel Barenboim has created his own masterpiece in the (somewhat unsurprising) form of a grand piano. This classical music legend was always destined for great things, but ten years ago who would have been able to say he would be designing a grand piano to rival Steinway?!Barenboim piano Continue reading “Barenboim and his new wonder piano”

Shraddha Kapoor learns the piano!

The talk of the town in Bollywood of late is that Shraddha Kapoor is going to extra lengths to give an outstanding performance in her latest flick which is Shujaat Saudagar’s upcoming ‘Rock On 2’. The cast of the film is star studded and is graced with the likes of Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Prachi Desai and Purab Kohli, who were all actors in the prequel to ‘Rock On 2’ (‘Rock On’, obviously). Shraddha takes on the main role of the film, playing a character opposite the charming heart throb Farhan Akhtar.Shraddha learns the piano Continue reading “Shraddha Kapoor learns the piano!”