String Quartet on the M5

Back in September there was a particularly interesting musical spectacle but perhaps not where you might expect it. Due to a rogue horse on the motorway, all traffic came to a standstill for quite some time and an advantageous string quartet seized the opportunity for some last minute practice for their gig in this unexpected location. The quartet had people out of their cars and appreciating the joy of classical music and the absurdity of the situation with their rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon in D (undoubtedly not the cellist’s choice).   String Quartet Continue reading “String Quartet on the M5”

Benedetti takes the UK by storm

Today seems to be a day for violins in music news. Nicola Benedetti has hit the headlines with news that her UK tour was a sell out.

Nicola Benedetti

Continue reading “Benedetti takes the UK by storm”

Garrett returns to the music scene

David Garrett has returned to the classical music scene and brought a stunning new album with him. For many, Garrett is simply a novelty, being an underwear model turned violinist. His striking good looks are sure to make anyone smile, but in reality Garrett is so much more than a pretty face. His albums to date have been fantastic, without exception. He has produced a wide range of repertoire ranging from opposite ends of the music spectrum and on this latest album we can expect covers of Eminem and Metallica, as well as classical music and some of his own compositions including Midnight Waltz. Midnight Waltz was released by Classic FM ahead of the album launch as a teaser and personally, I couldn’t stop listening to it. Such a beautiful melody combined with Garrrett’s unique sound makes for something truly magical that I felt the need to put on repeat for three hours (perhaps a little excessive, admittedly). Garrett and his new album Continue reading “Garrett returns to the music scene”

Superman on the Piano!!

Yesterday Player:Piano released a new video. Since this blog has looked at some of their previous renditions of famous tunes, it makes sense that we take a look at this latest video too! Of course, the video is up to Sonya Belousova’s usual high standards and as per usual it is great to watch as they have put a high level of focus into the visual production of the video. Although perhaps not as magnificent as some of the previous videos (the Nintendo one being my personal favourite), I would still thoroughly recommend watching this latest video!! Superman from Sonya of Player:Piano Continue reading “Superman on the Piano!!”

Daedalus on the Piano

Thrice have been around for a while now (16 years, to be precise) and have maintained their immense popularity and following throughout their career. Their combination of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics tend to leave listeners inspired and moved. After having a Youtube binge, I have found some really superb piano covers of some of Thrice’s more popular songs. Some of the best ones I have come across have been of Daedalus, which was released as part of the Alchemy Index in 2000. There are two particular renditions that I find particularly striking, and I love the fact that these are just normal guys at home (one of whom is quite clearly just on his digital piano in his bedroom). Daedalus by Thrice Continue reading “Daedalus on the Piano”

The Piano Guys are Back!

Everyone knows the Piano Guys are awesome and everyone loves them. Well, you should be thrilled to hear that this week they have brought out another video! Known for their videos which are usually filmed in glorious surroundings (for no particular reason, but who cares!), this latest film seems to have been filmed in some kind of vast salt desert expanse and thanks to clever filming and editing, we see the stars go by overhead (really quite apt as the cover is of Coldplay’s Sky Full of Stars). The Piano Guys Continue reading “The Piano Guys are Back!”

Elvis piano up for auction!

Elvis returns to piano news!

If you have always wanted to be the proud owner of Elvis’ gold piano, and have about a million dollars to spare, then you are in luck!! At an auction next month in the USA, this lavish piano is being auctioned off alongside some Beatles memorabilia. As far as memorabilia goes, this piano is not expected to fetch a lot of money. Back in 2011, Marolyn Monroe’s iconic white dress fetched a jaw-dropping $4.6 million, but the piano in November’s auction is only estimated to make between half a million and a million. Elvis piano Continue reading “Elvis piano up for auction!”

Yet another space piano


Earlier this year there was yet another space age piano designed and produced, which has now seemingly slinked away into the background. The Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi designed this weird looking instrument and named it after himself (obviously…) and the tag line was “Sound Beyond Time” which nobody knows the meaning of (quite possibly not even Bogányi himself). Unlike a lot of the other bizarre digital ‘pianos’ appearing in the news this year, this piano is actually a physical object rather than a substance (effectively star metadata) being carried forward into something that can translate the data into a sound. An article released a few months ago very aptly described the piano as something that ‘looks like a swooshy reinterpretation of the piano form, a bit like a Steinway reimagined by Umberto Boccioni’.Space piano Continue reading “Yet another space piano”

Jamie Foxx and his checked grand piano

Last Friday Jamie Foxx was seen to be shooting a new music video in which he plays a red checked piano in the sea. The lovable Django star has always been a bit of a pianist and has played since he was small, but most know him for his acting roles. With the release of his new album, Foxx has yet again won the hearts of the public with his character and piano playing!Foxx at his piano Continue reading “Jamie Foxx and his checked grand piano”

Brace Yourself Manchester, One Direction are Coming!

Brace yourself Manchester, One Direction are coming!


Despite opinion of the band having been spilt following wonder boy Zayn Mailk ‘s controversial decision to leave the band to concentrate on his personal life, the One Directioners are still out in full force, obsessively backing the band and their relatively awful pop music across the world. One Direction Continue reading “Brace Yourself Manchester, One Direction are Coming!”