Mritunjay Sharma attempts world record

Yesterday some absurd news hit the digital piano world. Mritunjay Sharma of Delhi University has found his way into the Limca Book of Records for giving a piano recital on his electric piano for an amazing 52 hours. Mritunjay Sharma and his digital piano

The auditorium of Delhi University’s Sri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) has been at the centre of attraction since October 11 when Mritunjay Sharma started playing his digital piano in attempts to do some record breaking.

Mritunjay Sharma has accomplished two feats: First of all, he has succeeded in registering his name in the Limca Book of Records for the longest piano recital ever which lasted for a grand total of 52 hours. Secondly, Mritunjay Sharma is now second in the Guinness World Record book for the longest piano recital, first place going to someone who managed a recital of 104 hours. Mritunjay Sharma is a third year B.Com student who is planning to take his digital piano playing to new levels. He is planning to take the position of first place in the Guinness World Record Book with the world’s longest piano recital. The longest piano recital record is currently held by Polish pianist Romuald Koperski who played the instrument in concert for 103 hours.

According to his die-hard fans and family members, if Sharma continues playing his electronic piano until October 18 he will set a new world record for his digital piano recital of 155 hours.

Sharma’s sister Sweety Sharma told The Pioneer, “He learned playing music at the age of three. The family feels proud of his extraordinary achievement. Besides playing piano, my brother can sketch and cook.

The SRCC chairman Ajay Shriram said the authorities not only postponed renovation work of the Delhi University auditorium in order to accommodate his world record attempt, but he was also given financial assistance for the project. The SRCC Alumni batch of 1964 has supported Sharma financially, said teacher-incharge Aruna Jha, adding that Vice Chancellor Dinesh Singh was also present on Thursday night at the auditorium when Sharma had broken the record.

“He (Sharma) approached me saying that Ma’am will you help me achieve my dream and since we know how good he is at piano, we all decided to help him,” said Jha.

Mritunjay Sharma racks up support from fellow students and alumni

Students and teachers are camping at the auditorium to make sure that Sharma continues playing on his electronic piano with motivation and does not fall asleep or give up!

“We are singing, clapping and cheering so that he does not fall asleep. The digital piano on which he plays has been bought by our alumni,” Jha said.

Sharma is so determined to achieving his goal that as per the rules he is allowed to take a five minute break for every one hour but he plays continuously for seven to eight hours.

“He takes a break after playing for long hours. He plays music of different nations, films and raag. No tunes played can be repeated for 24 hours. There are independent observers every four hours to keep a watch on him,” added Jha.

“The entire performance is being recorded on video, and would be sent to Guinness World Records for evaluation. While Guinness officials haven’t been able to make it to the event, independent observers have been watching Sharma’s digital piano performance over the past seven days,” a senior college official said.

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