Graham Tempest pushes his piano through Leeds!

There’s always something mad going on in the news, and it wasn’t long ago when Graham Tempest, a resident of a Leeds suburb was seen pushing his upright piano down the streets in order to recreate a similar journey he did as a boy. Graham pushed his piano

Graham tells us the reasoning behind his mission

The first time he made the bizarre journey through the streets of Leeds he had been with his father, three brothers and sister as he pushed a piano a grand total of two miles to his aunt’s house to collect it as a surprise for his mother who was in hospital at the time.

Graham said: “The first thing my mum did when she walked in the door from the hospital was to sit down and play Charlie Chaplain’s Limelight.

“Me and my brothers and sister were teenagers and we didn’t even know she could play.”

Graham’s mum died nine months after the family brought her the piano, and while his dad tried to learn to play, he failed to master it and the instrument ended up broken up in the garden.

Graham said: “My Dad’s golden rule was that if you were going to a party you had to do a ‘party piece’ in front of everyone.

You don’t have to struggle down the streets like Graham

This little adventure from Graham has moved the people of Leeds and he has gone somewhat viral in the North of England with his piano pushing antics. The nostalgia of the entire situation is immense and a complete novelty to most of us today as this is simply not something that would naturally occur. With portable pianos and digital keyboards being all the rage, we are far more used to seeing someone walking down the road, gig bag in hand. This sight wouldn’t turn heads like Graham, but at least the solution of portable electronic pianos makes piano life far more convenient. Besides, there are undoubtedly other ways in which to turn heads with a digital piano, you just have to think of them!

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