Fruit Piano…

This month, digital pianos have taken another turn towards weirdville with yet another Raspberry Pi related venture. There have already been several weird and wonderful fruit related Raspberry Pi ventures before this month’s video release, and clearly new advancements with Raspberry Pis are going to people’s heads. Although the results are somewhat amusing, having a digital piano made of fruit is less than practical (unless you have the soul intenet of being a Youtube wonder)… Fruit piano

Make your own fruit piano

Anyway, if you would like to make your own electronic piano out of fruit, it is becoming easier to do with touch control hardware and software being heavily developed at the moment. This particular fruit electric piano has been made by a man with a simple add on accessory offered by Adafruits. Thanks to this combination of Piware, the Youtube man has turned his fruit into an electric piano with multiple sound effects and adjustable tones. The Raspberry Pi add on in question is a Capacitive Touch HAT which is simply attached to the top of the Rasberry Pi unit and then has 12 channels of capacitive touch sensing whereby you can attach your entire fruit bowl if you so wish (although there are a lot of conductive materials that are less likely to decompose and attract flies..).
The Youtube fruit piano man in question is José Federico Ramos Ortega, who has now reached a degree of online fame due to his slightly bonkers project. He very simply connected 12 pieces of fruit to the 12 channels on the Capacitive Touch HAT; easy peasy lemon squeezy (although there are no lemons on this occasion).
On Ortega’s fruit digital piano, nine of the connected fruits are the sound channels, which playback the programmed MIDI effects when touched, and three pieces of fruit control the tones and change the instrument voice used. The result is a truly unique food experience…

If of course you would like a piano that won’t start to decompose two days after assembly, you could opt for a more traditional digital piano made of plastic and wood.. such as the Chase P55, and the Kawai KDP-90.



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