Daedalus on the Piano

Thrice have been around for a while now (16 years, to be precise) and have maintained their immense popularity and following throughout their career. Their combination of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics tend to leave listeners inspired and moved. After having a Youtube binge, I have found some really superb piano covers of some of Thrice’s more popular songs. Some of the best ones I have come across have been of Daedalus, which was released as part of the Alchemy Index in 2000. There are two particular renditions that I find particularly striking, and I love the fact that these are just normal guys at home (one of whom is quite clearly just on his digital piano in his bedroom). Daedalus by Thrice

 An honest Daedalus

Both versions here of Daedalus are entirely honest renditions; however I feel that opportunities have been missed with the use of the digital piano. Electric pianos tend to have recording functions to enable multi-track recording which would open up a world of possibilities with this song. Personally, I could imagine the whole thing being enhanced with the use of a layer of strings. Even a layer of additional harmonies would not go a miss and could really add that special something to the whole rendition. The acoustic cover however, clearly has to remain stripped for obvious reasons, but even so, the player has added in the most fantastic dissonances and suspensions..

 Daedalus at home

If you fancy having a go at a multi-track version of a Thrice tune, I would thoroughly recommend having a go at putting a layer of strings under the tune. If you don’t have a digital piano with these facilities already, there are many options and the electronic piano market is constantly growing. Some of the best, and most exciting models up for grabs at the moment are the Chase P-55, the Yamaha P115, the Casio PX350, and the Kawai ES100!


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