Brace Yourself Manchester, One Direction are Coming!

Brace yourself Manchester, One Direction are coming!


Despite opinion of the band having been spilt following wonder boy Zayn Mailk ‘s controversial decision to leave the band to concentrate on his personal life, the One Directioners are still out in full force, obsessively backing the band and their relatively awful pop music across the world. One Direction

For many Malik was the main reason for being a fan of this cliché boyband. He was the looks of the group, and also one of the reasons that they actually sounded half decent. Despite his spilt from the band, the concert in Manchester this weekend was still a complete sell out and dad’s across the city are dreading the evening to come where they have to pretend to look interested in what’s going on for the sake of their over-excited teenage daughters.

Since their popularity on the X factor a few years ago, the popularity of the boyband has absolutely soared and the popularity shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Youtube is absolutely filled with covers of songs from the band, some of which are far better than the original songs (although that isn’t particularly difficult). Most of these Youtube renditions are by teenage girls (obviously) plinking out the notes on their guitars or electric piano. There are some really quite impressive electronic piano covers of the One Direction hits such as Best Song Ever, All These Little Things, and Story of My Life. There are also reels and reels of piano tutorials online of how to play simple versions of the band’s biggest hits. On top of this, books of sheet music are regularly being published for electric piano and many other instruments for those of us who are more comfortable with reading music.

One Direction at Home

If you fancy recording a One Direction tune on your own electric piano, there are some great options to be able to make it sound better than all the other options currently on Youtube. With all of the features available on digital pianos today it is possible to create multi-layered tracks, so you could have a layered backing to your rendition of Best Song Ever, in various different voices, and then record the whole thing in MP3 format straight from your electronic piano and then send it to the internet for all of your fellow One Directioners to listen to and marvel at!! If you don’t yet own a digital piano then they are very easy and affordable instruments to get hold of! With models such as a Chase P40 and Chase P55, you will have everything you need to get going in order to create your favourite One Direction tune!


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