Mritunjay Sharma attempts world record

Yesterday some absurd news hit the digital piano world. Mritunjay Sharma of Delhi University has found his way into the Limca Book of Records for giving a piano recital on his electric piano for an amazing 52 hours. Mritunjay Sharma and his digital piano Continue reading “Mritunjay Sharma attempts world record”

Day three of Music China

Today our management team from Chase are exploring at day three of Music China which we had a look at in yesterday’s blog post. There are some particularly interesting things going on for exhibitors and guests to attend today. Victor Wooten, commonly described as the best bass player in the world and winner of five Grammy awards is giving a workshop on the bass guitar, playing techniques and styles. This in itself is something to get excited about, but it is worth noting that this is by no means the only event going on at Music China today! Music China this year Continue reading “Day three of Music China”

Electric Pianos are saving us from piano playing going extinct!

Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic pianos used to be the centre piece for any family if you go back in time a hundred and fifty years or so. The Victorians loved their pianos and piano playing was a popular past time for many people and proved to be an excellent source of entertainment at parties and the like. Even before the Victorian Era, pianos were vastly popular and even Georgian households were often adorned with a piano. For many more well off families, a piano was a decorative piece of furniture as much as it was an instrument to be played. Due to this, there are some magnificently decorated grand pianos out there that would undoubtedly have been the centrepiece of a room in their hay day. Over the centuries, as technologies have changed and tastes have evolved the piano has been pushed to the back corner of the room to make way for televisions, games consoles, and goodness knows what else. Electric piano has taken over Continue reading “Electric Pianos are saving us from piano playing going extinct!”

Chase go to China!

This week the management team from Chase Direct have jetted off to China to investigate the current music scene. Music China is part of the Shanghai Show which compromises of both Music China and Sound Shanghai. The event has seen 1,775 exhibitors from a grand total of 29 different countries and regions. A huge range of instruments from all over the world are on display across nine huge, hanger-sized halls which makes over 98,000 square metres of exhibition space. Exhibitors from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK, and Taiwan are exhibiting in eleven international pavilions. Not only is there a colossus amount of musical instruments on display, but also there are lectures and seminars available for guests to offer visitors an insight into the pace of the current musical instrument industry.Music China Continue reading “Chase go to China!”

Syria’s Piano Man performs in Germany!

Syria’s Piano Man Performs To Thousands In Munich

The Syrian Piano Man has warmed hearts all over the world and become something of a Youtube sensation. He has continuously been in piano news, and this week is no exception.The Piano Man Continue reading “Syria’s Piano Man performs in Germany!”

A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain

This week in piano news, something somewhat unexpected has happened. A rapper from a group called Goldie Lookin Chain has written a 17-track album called Piano Solos under the name ‘Rhys from GLC’. Goldie Lookin Chain is a controversial rap group from Wales, famous for titles such as Your Missus is a Nutter, and Half Man Half Machine. Goldie Lookin Chain and the new piano album Continue reading “A surprise from Goldie Lookin Chain”

Cuba and their new Steinway

“When the United States and Cuba announced they would normalize relations in December 2014, it signified many things, and one: change.”

From that moment back in 2014, Cuba experienced a vast influx of investment, tourists, and cross-cultural interactions. Not long ago, there was a moment that will go down in history that happened to take place in Havana’s musical-arts scene. A handful of musicians from all over the world performed in Havana’s Cathedral Plaza on a Steinway piano, the first new American piano to have been imported into Cuba since the revolution, reported the New York Times. Cuba get a Steinway! Continue reading “Cuba and their new Steinway”

Ihor and Wladyslaw Szpilman

Not even half an hour ago an interesting story appeared on the BBC, courtesy of the BBC World Service.

Ihor, a man who was previously a law student at university has now found himself fighting as a volunteer on the government side of events in the on-going conflict and struggle that has materialised over the years in Ukraine. Szpilman and his piano Continue reading “Ihor and Wladyslaw Szpilman”


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