Song Siheng releases cat recital!


Not for the first time, a cat has acted as the inspiration for a piano recital. With cats being such a huge internet sensation it isn’t really surprising that they are now taking over the online music scene as well. With the rise of celebrity cat superstars, and cat cafes, next thing we know cats will be taking over the world.Song Siheng

It was pianist Song Siheng who decided to dedicate his latest compositional work to a famous beloved feline friend and the adventures it gets up to. The furry inspiration in question is called Mimilu and is from a picture book by Huang Shi about the life and adventures of Mimilu and his master who practices the piano every day.

Song Siheng composes multimedia tracks

Song will continue with his trademark multimedia recitals with “The Adventure of Mimilu,” screening animated images in the background as he plays classics such as Chopin’s “Five Preludes, Nocturne in E flat Major,” Debussy’s “Children’s Corner” and Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite.”

Song Siheng used to have a cat himself and is a lover of the furry felines and has fond memories of his cat keeping him company when he was practicing the piano at home;

Song Siheng has his say;

“I had a cat for five years when working abroad. It always lied on the piano while I was practicing, just like a loyal audience,” Song says. “That’s why I felt so connected to the story of Mimilu and decided to theme a recital on it.”

Song’s experimentation with multimedia recitals and alternative musical performances with an added twist go back to 2009 and They include “Nodame Cantabile,” “Chopin-Love,” “In Search of Haruki Murakami” and “Time Machine of the Post 80s.”

“There were doubts about whether the ready classics can help tell such stories,” he says. “But in my view, top compositions don’t just tell single stories. They are all-embracing, always leaving much space for imagination. What music offers is poetic imagery that audiences can connect with on a deeper level.”

When he was just 14, Song won the Beijing National Piano Competition (1981). He also won many other esteemed competitions including the Leeds International Piano Competition, the Dublin International Piano Competition, and the Marguerite Long International Piano Competition.

Song believes his multimedia recitals are a fun and effective way to attract more people into the world of classical music who would not otherwise necessarily be drawn into the world of classical music. He said on the topic;

“We are trying to open the gates to classic music wider without lowering the threshold,” Song says. “Great classical music and an excellent performance are still the focus of the concert.”


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