Classical Improvisation from Gabriela Montero


The virtuoso pianist Gabriela Montero stunned crowds as she took to the stage and showed off her incredible improvisation skills after being tasked by John Suchet to improvise on the theme of the popular television series Coronation Street, otherwise known to the British public as ‘Corrie’. She took the challenge in her stride and came up with a beautiful romantic expansion on the theme that wowed the audience of thousands. Montero is an inspiration to many pianists, and with any luck she will bring the significance of classical improvisation to light and inspire others to follow in her footsteps!Classical Improvisation from Gabriel Continue reading “Classical Improvisation from Gabriela Montero”

Digital Grand pianos are the answer to your piano needs!

Buy a Digital Grand from Chase today!


Are you always riddled with jealousy when you see the A-listers of the piano world sitting at their beautiful grand pianos? Do you feel pangs of envy when they start to play and the most beautiful music emanates from the sleek high gloss body?! These pianos simply exude class and you’d be mad not to lust over these gorgeous instruments!!Digital Grand Piano from Chase

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The Walking Dead from Player:Piano

The Walking Dead Theme on the Piano

Completely juxtaposed to their last big thing, Player:Piano have released a new video. Last time, we saw the digital piano look taken to a new level with a grand that was designed to look like a classic Nintendo. Although the piano wasn’t actually an electronic piano, it certainly looked like one! This time, they have broached the opposite end of the scale. Playing the Walking Dead theme, the piano used by virtuoso Sonya Belousova is quite the opposite from a sleek and shiny electric piano – it looks like a bashed up, abandoned grand – something you might find in a derelict Victorian house. The newThe Walking Dead on Piano video is set up as a short film type scenario rather than a music video which really adds to the effect – there is even a zombie playing the violin at some point which really is an interesting (and fitting) touch! Continue reading “The Walking Dead from Player:Piano”

Chase Dreadnought Cort D 10 Guitar

Chase Direct have been going since the 1970s and today, are one of the biggest digital piano retailers in the United Kingdom, specialising in a wide range of electronic pianos – all offered at unbeatable prices as part of incredible package deals. Whether you are a beginner, or a professional concert pianist, Chase Direct has the electric piano for you! Chase Dreadnought

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The Chase P-55 has arrived!



The Chase P55 portable piano gives you a fantastic playing experience using 88 hammer action keys and a variety of newly developed features. It comprises of the same award winning graded hammer action and adjustable touch sensitivity as the famous CDP-245 and CDP-350. 10 high-quality, high-definition stereo sounds provide you with all you need to sound great on stage, at home, or in the studio!Chase P-55


More than just a Stage Piano

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Portable Digital Pianos make life much easier!!

The portable digital piano from Chase

The portable digital piano is great if you are looking for a Digital Piano with fully weighted hammer action keys, that is still easy to transport but at no cost to the sound of the piano. Portable Digital pianos can be used at home or as a digital stage piano (or just about anywhere as long as there is a power source).Portable Digital Piano Their practical and lightweight construction makes them a powerful tool whether you’re on the move, or stationary. Chase Direct stocks a wide range of Digital Portable Stage Pianos From Chase, Yamaha and Casio. Some digital portable pianos also offer you the option to add a matching piano stand or a pedal unit to make the portable keyboard look more like a stationary instrument.

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The Chase P-40 – The New and Exciting Digital Piano from Chase

Chase P-40

As an exciting new addition to the Chase digital piano family, the Chase P-40 is proving to be an absolute hit. With 88 fully weighted keys the Chase P-40 gives an authentic piano feel but with the obvious perks that come with an electric piano such as portability, extra voices, and an in-built metronome. Chase P-40

The Chase P-40 is available with a selection of unbeatable price packages which make it an offer that is simply too good to refuse! Chase Direct are selling the Chase P-40 in three different bundles; the keyboard by itself, the keyboard with a foldable stand, keyboard bench, and other accessories, and the keyboard with a wooden stand, three pedals, adjustable bench, and accessories. Because of the range of these bundles available, there is something to suit all price ranges, and all piano playing levels. Continue reading “The Chase P-40 – The New and Exciting Digital Piano from Chase”