Make way for the Casio CDP-130!

This Casio CDP-130 is being released this week by Chase Direct. As the upgrade to the ever popular model, the Casio CDP-120, there is sure to be a rush of people excited to purchase this fantastic new digital piano, the CDP-130. With ten tones, an integrated metronome, and a whole range of fantastic electronic effects, the CDP-130 is a fantastic instrument for beginners and has everything built in that you need to start your piano playing journey. Even for the more seasoned pianist, this electronic piano is more than suitable for use, and still has everything you could possibly need for a heightened practicing experience. The speaker system has been improved since the Casio CDP-120, and can be made particular use of with the built in ‘Hall effect’ button which applies the most wonderful concert hall reverb to the sound of the piano, making it actually sound like you are performing in a concert hall. The tone of the piano has been improved, and the tone of the voices integrated in the piano have also been improved on since the Casio CDP120, ensuring the entire piano playing journey is as enriched as possible.Casio CDP-130

Buy the Casio CDP-130 as of tomorrow!

As of tomorrow, the superb Casio CDP-130 will be for sale at Chase Direct. The Casio CDP-130 is just another excellent piano in the wide range of digital pianos and electronic keyboards Chase sell at unbeatable prices!

Features of the Casio CDP-130

– 10 improved AHL tones

– Integrated metronome

– Improved string tone

– Hall effect button (at the touch of a button, concert hall Reverb – can be applied to the sound of the keyboard)

– Improved loudspeaker system

– 88 hammer action, weighted keys

– 8 digital effects

– USB interface

– 48-note polyphony

– 5 demo pieces

– Internal speaker system

– CS-44P wooden stand also available

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