The Big piano hits Iowa!

At the Iowa Bettendorf Family Museum there is much hilarity to be had, as the iconic movie ‘ Big ’ is seemingly coming to life after the installation of a giant floor digital piano.The iconic Big piano

Big Piano unveiled

It was just last night when the popular establishment unveiled this new attraction that is bound to bring many more visitors to the museum. With so many people able to play a tune or two on the piano, this digital piano is sure to be in permanent use!! Last night the official opening event went down a storm for the VIP/Member opening event. Undoubtedly there were many VIPs, sliding around in their Sunday best having a whale of a time on the new electronic piano!

The new electric piano in question is a 22-foot long piano just like the one made famous by Tom Hanks in the movie ‘Big’ which has since become an icon of the piano playing world and been a rather strange pioneer for the electronic piano. The museum claimed that;

“Families can move their feet to the beat, even stomp, or slide on the keys ranging five octaves— just as long as you wear socks.”

“It’s a great educational tool. It connects with a tablet, you can hook it up to your iPhone or iPad, you can play songs from it. There is a playlist, there are games. There are teaching tools. So it’s got a lot to offer,”.

This huge electronic piano (called the Monster Piano by the Bettendorf Family Museum) was funded through an incredibly generous grant from the Scott County Regional Authority and the Riverboat Development authority.

This digital piano will be open to the public from today (Saturday 26th September) with any paid admission to the Family Museum.

The Family Museum is the only children’s museum in the country to have a monster electric piano also very similar to the iconic Big digital piano. The only other museum in the world with something similar is in Paris.

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