Beautiful mosaic piano takes to the streets of Leeds!

Meet Otley’s mosaic piano! As a spin off to the world famous ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ street piano movement a simply stunning piano was created. Unlike the other street pianos, a huge amount of time and effort went into decorating this masterpiece and the whole piano was turned into a mosaic masterpiece by Mosaic artist Frances Taylor. After having been on display in Leeds for a while, the piano has returned to its original home of Otley where it has now joined the other pianos that were put out on the street at the same time to celebrate the Leeds International Piano Competition.Mosaic Piano

The art installation technically isn’t actually anything to do with the ‘Play Me I’m Yours’ street piano art movement, but instead it is part of another similar installation entitled ‘Me and my Piano’.

Otlay’s mosaic piano takes some damage on the streets of Leeds

Unfortunately this unique specimen of piano was damaged slightly during its time outside on the streets of Leeds, however the damage is relatively minimal and does not detract from the beauty of the instrument. The piano remains fully playable and the damage sustained was purely cosmetic. Despite the slight decline in the use of upright pianos due to amazing advancements in digital piano technology, the street piano movement has really taken off and brings a completely new and exciting twist on upcycling.

This beautiful instrument has now been given a new home outside of the Otley Courthouse, where it was on show during last weekend’s Folk Festival and will remain for the next few weeks.

Creater of the mosaic piano has her say

Frances, who runs mosaic making courses at The Big Hoo-ha Co’s Woolpack Studios in Otley, said: “I had a lot of help with the piano from friends and people who’d previously attended my mosaic courses.

“I only had just under three weeks to make all the mosaics, and I couldn’t have done it without so much support.

“The piano spent three weeks outside in Leeds city centre and was played by passersby though sadly, due to rain damage, many of the keys no longer play.”

While street pianos will undoubtedly continue to be a hit with pianists of the world, there is a marked decline in the purchase and use of traditional upright pianos due to amazing technological advancements in digital pianos. Electronic pianos with everything you could possibly need to play the piano built in (and more) are available for such competitive prices that when it comes to ease, portability, and price, there really is no need to question the decision. Models such as the Chase P40 and the Chase P-55 are fantastic choices for any piano enthusiast and there is even a range of electric grand pianos if you’re looking for something a little more elaborate!

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