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The death of Cilla Black is the news on everyone’s minds today. The Liverpool-born star had a string of top five chart hits in the 60s, and her first single was written by fellow Liverpudlians and Beatles stars George McCartney, and John Lennon.

Let There be Love, says Cilla

Cilla Black’s most famous records include the jazz hit Let There Be Love where we hear Cilla sing along with a simple walking bass and a tinkering piano that sounds remarkably like an electronic piano. Her other hits include You’re My World, and Anyone Who Had a Hear. This singing sensation proved to be something of a British heart throb and later went on to be a televisiCilla smiles for the cameraon star, hosting the hit prime-time show Blind Date.

Tinkering on the Big Piano with Tom Hanks

One of Cilla’s most notable last appearances was on the esteemed Jonathon Ross Show in 2013, where we see Cilla sitting on the famous Jonathon Ross Couch in hysterics, watching Tom Hanks and Jonathon Ross playing a giant digital piano. Their recreation of the famous electronic piano scene from the film Big, although less than successful (especially at the point where Ross manages to slide off the digital piano onto the floor), proved popular with Cilla. It is heart warming to now be able to look back at clips such as this and see a woman so highly valued by the British public laughing so freely.


Tara For Now Cilla

Although Cilla’s death may have been unexpected, her legacy will live on and no doubt there will be many tributes paid to the personality so many knew and loved in the years to come. You can even keep her legacy alive in your own home by getting yourself some Cilla sheet music to play (which can easily be found online) at home on your own digital piano.


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