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-Chase stole the show, and here’s why:-

As the second half of yesterday’s post, here is another archived advert for the Siel DK70 from the highly successful 1986 Frankfurt review from Chase Music. Chase’s main speciality back in the 1980s was synthesizers and this is a perfect example of one. As it has been stated many times before, although Chase now specialises in digital pianos and portable keyboards, there are a whole range of electronic pianos with features not dissimilar to those of the synths that Chase used to sell, for example the Chase P40! Like back in the 80s, Chase Music still has a showroom where you can come and try a whole range of excellent digital pianos from a range of brands!!

Siel DK70





The DK70 is the latest addition to Siel’s fantastic new range of synthesizers. This unique MIDI synth is packed with value for money features and sounds. It incorporates a 2-track real time polyphonic MIDI sequencer with a memory of up to 300 notes. It is fully programmable and features 50 memory slots with complete MIDI features. The internal memory is expandable with the optional RAM/ROM cartridges to give you up to 150 programmes on the line. The double sound generation gives you those extra warm, thick sounds. With Detune, Pitch Bend, Pink Noise and Chorus, the world of sounds is at your fingertips.

Additionally you have a fully dynamic touch sensitive keyboard to inject that extra feeling.

Being so light it can be used as a shoulder synth to add action to your stage performance. The optional ‘Neck’ allows control of programme set-up, Sustain, MIDI On / Off and guitar-like effects via the pitch ribbon control.

All in all this is an outstanding professional’s instrument at an incredibly low price. Come in and try it for yourself… or if you’re too far away remember you can try one at home on our “7 day no quibble money back offer”.



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