Player:Piano debut stunning Nintendo piano

Thanks to Nintendo, last week proved to be an exciting time for pianos and digital pianos in the news. Only a week after Korea’s Unification Piano was unveiled, gamers across the world have marvelled at the newly created Nintendo Piano which was created to celebrate the 30th birthday of Super Mario Bros.. Perhaps surprisingly, although the full size grand piano resembles a classic Super Nintendo games console (complete with input wires and a controller lead plugged into thNintendo Pianoe side), it is entirely analogue. Given the circumstances and the celebration in question, in my opinion, an opportunity has been missed, and this spectacle should have been an electronic piano!

Player:Piano debut Nintendo piano in anticipation of new gaming album

The piano has made its debut by being played in concert by Player:Piano (made famous by Stan Lee on his Youtube channel) to celebrate the 30th birthday of the legendary game, Super Mario Bros.. The repertoire consisted of a medley of themes from Nintendo Super Mario Bros. which surely could have been somewhat enhanced with the features that a digital piano would have had to offer. The medley is being released later this week as a teaser to Player:Piano’s new album which will feature a range of gaming themes.

Nintendo Piano give away

The piano took two months to build and was put together by production designer Megan Burns. This is in fact the third custom piano that has been built for Player:Piano and it will be given away to a lucky subscriber of the Youtube channel once they hit a million subscribers.

Despite my reservations about the piano being analogue, the result is nevertheless quite stunning. Sonya Belousova proves time and time again that she is a stunning concert pianist, and her performances on this piano are no exception to her pianistic prowess. She manoeuvres herself around the keys with astonishing ease and grace to conquer this fiendish rendition of a classic gaming tune.

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