Laurie and Jazz


The Footlights star Hugh Laurie – who made his debut back in the 1980s at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival alongside Emma Thompson and Stephen Fry – has in recent years, taken a slight change in direction. It has never been a secret that Laurie is something of a musician (in particular a pianist) and we see him in some early Fry and Laurie sketches tinkling the ivories. In 2010 Laurie released a blues album and has been very much immersed into the jazz and blues scene ever since. His musical prowess is undeniable, and although his singing voice isn’t likely to dazzle critics, the rawness and grit is absolutely perfect for the style Laurie is procuring.Laurie at the piano

Laurie’s Interneational acclaim

The already-famous actor rose to international acclaim with his starring role in the American hit series House. There are a few scenes in the series where we see Dr House settle down at his piano with a dram of Glenfiddich and jam around on his piano. Knowing Laurie’s playing ability, it is more than fair to assume that it really is Laurie doing the playing.

Over the last few years Laurie has released his blues album, a television documentary on jazz, and played with some of the world’s musical greats such as Sir Tom Jones and Jools Holland. His second album was released mid 2013 and received outstanding reviews.

Jazz at home like Laurie

Jazz piano is something that is accessible for all to learn. It is less important to be able to read the notes on the page in front of you, and more important to have a feel of the music and be able to be creative. With electronic pianos easily accessible to all at incredibly affordable prices in the form of digital pianos, there is no reason why anybody can’t play. There are many great offers and package deals on a whole range of electric pianos and portable keyboards meaning there is something out there for everyone, regardless of ability and price range!


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