Jools Holland and his Digital Pianos

Jools Holland has long been a fan of the digital piano and is practically an international ambassador for the instrument. For a man of such talent and given the way he works, it makes perfect sense that he would use a top line electric piano. He has given online demonstrations of exactly why an electronic piano suits his needs perfectly and we can see him playing with all of the different voices, creatinJools Hollandg his own backing percussion tracks to play along with, and uploading pre-recorded tracks and vocals. Jools Holland sits at his piano stool and explains the use to him of the strings voice; he uses the string effect in the studio to play around until he finds the right sound, and then he knows it will translate well to his orchestra! He also demonstrates his excitement at a whole range of the other features on offer on the particular piano he is trying. The enthusiasm is contagious!

Jools Holland finding his way around a digital piano

It is fantastic to see such a highly esteemed musician find his way around a digital piano with such ease and grace and make use of all of the functions on offer. Truth be told, it is actually inspirational and makes me want to go away and have a play on my own P-65 which also has percussion and play back features! The scope of potential musical creation on digital pianos (even those with a smaller range of features) is awe-inspiring and many of the world’s top jazz musicians use digital pianos to create tracks – not just Jools!

On top of all of the brilliant features on offer with many top range digital pianos, most of them are a lot more portable than any analogue piano which is another reason why musicians such as Jools Holland find them so useful.


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