The John Lennon Piano


35 years after the musical legend’s assassination, the ‘John Lennon Piano’ is going on display for the first time ever. The piano can be heard on a number of hit tracks including some collaborations with David Bowie and Elton John and is said to have been the source of inspiration for many Beatles songs. Walls and Bridges, and Double Fantasy are albums where the piano can be heard as well as on many other songs by Lennon. Lennon and Elton John

“He was so attached to it that those closest to him renamed it as the “John Lennon piano” due to his insistence on moving it to every studio he worked in.”

John Lennon Piano returns to Liverpool

The piano has been shipped back to Liverpool (the home of Lennon and Beatles) from the USA where it has been for the best part of the century. It is going on display at the Beatles Story where a whole range of Beatles memorabilia is on display including guitars and records belonging to the Fab Four. Without a shadow of a doubt, the John Lennon Piano will bring in yet more keen Beatles fans, eager to learn more about the pop legends.

Play Lennon at home!

There are hundreds, if not thousands of piano and guitar reductions of Beatles (and solo Lennon) music on the market today and the music of this timeless band will forever be classed as brilliant learner material. If you are interested in learning some Beatles tunes yourself then it’s very easy to do. Firstly, if you don’t have a piano or guitar, now is the time to get one! There is a great range of both beginner guitars and beginner pianos on the market today and at prices that won’t break the bank! If it’s the piano that you’re interested in, then why not start with a keyboard? Or perhaps a digital piano? The Chase P-40 offers all the features that you would possibly need and at a very competitive price and there are a wide range of package deals that come with everything you need to get started!

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